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We specialize in EMDR and counselling for trauma/ PTSD, depression, anxiety, workplace stress.

Our therapeutic approaches are relationship based, holistic, trauma aware and informed, and affirming for people who are neurodivergent or LGBTQ2S+.  

Trauma Counselling and PTSD Treatment

In Person in Kamloops and Online /Virtual Across BC

This means that all of our therapists and support team members are trained to understand the impacts of interpersonal trauma as well as the social influences that perpetuate trauma.  

Experiencing abuse can lead to a whole range of difficult and challenging emotions, and without the opportunity to process those, it can then invite life long challenges with functioning.  

We commit to support you at every stage of your recovery.  Recovery from abuse and other traumas can take time and therapy needs to be individualized to take into account your current safety, your life circumstances, and your internal and external resources to support your process.  

We offer a an accepting and non-judgemental safe space to explore the complex thoughts and feelings that trauma has placed in your way.  

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