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Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Counselling & Therapy service available in Kamloops

At TherapyWorks, we value working with our clients where they are at, figuratively and literally.  Some clients find that therapy can feel more accessible when they are able to participate in spaces and ways that are more comfortable to them.  

Walk & Talk Therapy allows therapy to take place outdoors and in interaction with nature and the natural world. Walking has been shown to enhance the ability to recover from depression and anxiety and in reducing stress..  It provides a way of communicating between the client and the therapist that can feel comfortable and allow for new ways of exploring coping patterns. 


The pace of the walk is completely up to the client.  It may be a slow meander that allows a lot of exploring of the environment around you, or a quick pace that stimulates a physical response.  

Book Walking Therapy in Kamloops Online

If you are interested in this, or other creative forms of therapy, please reach out to us to discuss options to support a counselling journey that is meaninful to you. 

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