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Individual Counselling

In Person in Kamloops and Online /Virtual Across BC

Image by Elijah Hiett

“Do not feel guilty for prioritizing your emotional well-being. You deserve to flourish in safe spaces.”

- Alexandra Elle


Individual therapy is form of talk or expressive therapy that takes place between you and a professional counsellor.  If offers you a safe setting to explore your needs, challenges and goals.  

The face you show everyone doesn't reflect how you feel inside.  You work hard, but feel burnt out, tired, and don't have anything left to give to the people who are important to you.  You might even know where to start, but the starting is hard.  We get it.  TherapyWorks counsellors can help you heal, thrive, and reach the person you know you are.  Therapy can work if you let it and we can be your guide along the way.  

Anger Management




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Anxiety & More

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