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Group Therapy Programs

Group Therapy Programs Currently Open for Registration

Our group therapy programs change regularly.  Please refer to the booking links to see which programs are currently open for registration.  

Below are examples of some of the programs offered by TherapyWorks.  

Fall 2023

Anxiety Programs for Youth and Caregivers

TherapyWorks offers evidenced based group therapy programs  to youth who experience anxiety and and information and support to parents to facilitate their child's competencies.   

Social Engagement Groups

We believe that neurodivergent youth and adults don't necessarily have communication deficits, but rather they communicate in ways that are different than many of their peers.  This can lead to isolation and difficulty connecting.  TherapyWorks social engagement groups provide opportunities for youth to connect with peers in social activities, to communicate with others who may have similar styles of communication, and to develop opportunities for connection and friendship inside and outside of the group setting.  

Escape Room Building

This program provides a social engagement opportunity for youth in activities that have high interest and engagement for them.  The program is also aimed assisting with the development of planning, organizing, and initiating, as well as important attention and concentration skills.

Dual Diagnosis ADHD & Autism

This group offering supports youth who have received a dual diagnosis.  Within the group we explore the unique aspects of these two neurodivergent conditions and assist group members to learn how to manage traits that interfere with their success, leverage their strengths, and develop self awareness for future advocacy and the development of an affirming identity.  

Late Diagnosed Adults

TherapyWorks is pleased to offer this new group to adults who have received a diagnosis of a neurodivergent condition and want to explore earlier life experiences with this new lens, in order to develop a positively affirming neurodivergent identity. 

Executive Functioning - Life Hacks

This is a support group which will explore various executive functioning challenges and strategies to overcome them to "get stuff done". This group will be sensitive to the needs of extreme demand avoidant participants and allow them to identify the approaches most effective in overcoming demand avoidance, in addition to the barriers that they might face if they also have executive functioning challenges.  

Are you interested in one of these Group Counselling Sessions? 

Let us know which program you would like more information about.  Start dates for new programs will be linked on this page.

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