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Dungeons & Dragons: Youth Empowerment Services

Social Engagement Programs for Youth

TherapyWorks offers facilitated Dungeons & Dragons groups for youth.  The purpose of these groups is primarily for social engagement and can be a great resource for youth, who are interested in D&D, to engage with like minded kids with similar interests.  D&D offers many benefits to youth who struggle to engage socially with others.  It can allow youth to connect with others with common interests, which often makes social conversations easier to start and maintain.  D&D provides youth the opportunity to try out different roles and ways of interacting in a fun and non-threatening environment.  It provides a setting in which the story is not always predictable and allows players to learn how to expect the unexpected, to keep their wits in the face of conflict, and to problem solve with others.  

Our social engagement groups are not intended to "teach" social skills to make youth better able to fit in to other social environments.  We aim to allow kids to have the safety of a welcoming environment where they can challenge their own social comfort and interact in ways that feel genuine to them.  We offer support, guidance, interpretation when miscommunication happens, and tools to work collaboratively.   

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