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Specialized Educational Support/

In Person in Kamloops and Online /Virtual Across BC and Canada

Do you or your child encounter hurdles and barriers with traditional learning approaches?  Does your ability to plan, organize, pay attention, or hold instructions in your mind get in the way of successfully participating in learning in a way that reflects your actual potential?  Do you feel frustrated that your child is not progressing in school the way you hope they would?

TherapyWorks offers specialized educational support and tutoring for youth and adults who need assistance to process information, structure their approach to learning, and complete assignments and projects.  Our approaches to supporting involve exploring learning styles, finding about client interests and how to introduce them to the learning process to help them feel connected and engaged with what they are learning.    

Currently our team is supporting a broad range of learners, in a broad range of subjects.  We offer individual and group programming to help students advance their skills and knowledge.

Why we offer Education Support and Tutoring Services

Almost all the services offered at TherapyWorks came from a place of wanting to fill gaps that members of our team experienced in searching for services.  It was often a search for specific elements of a service, but sometimes it was a philosophical match.  

At TherapyWorks, we believe that all of us do better when we can.  So many barriers that we face in life can be broken down and moved out of the way.  We believe that everyone deserves to have what they need to succeed and we will work hard at helping you find what that might be.  

If the educational support or tutoring you need is one that believes in your ability to learn and in finding ways to help you feel interested and engaged, then our team is ready to support you.  

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