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Anger Management Counselling

In Person in Kamloops and Online /Virtual Across BC


Anger Management Therapy

Anger management is not about getting rid of your anger.  Anger is an emotion and emotions are part of our day to day experience.  Counselling for anger management instead helps you identify triggers for your anger, increases your strategies to regulate how you express anger, and helps you find what healthy expression would look like for you.  

Where Does My Anger Come From?

Our clients come to us with many reasons for why it is difficult for them to express anger in healthy ways.  For some, they have had little exposure to dealing with emotions in a constructive way.  There might be lots of long standing patterns that need to be explored and understood.  For others, they may have sensory needs that are unrecognized and they feel overwhelmed, with anger being the way they have learned to express that.  Others may feel they are triggered by the environment, interactions or events, but need support to take accountability for their reactions, and employ methods that are safe and constructive.  

What kind of anger management counselling can help?

There are commonly used therapeutic approaches to support improved anger management.   However, your triggers, thoughts, life experience, how your brain functions / neurodivergent traits, all impact how you experience and manage anger.  Your therapist will explore what contributes to your expression of anger and will individually create a plan that works for you.  

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