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Our Origin Story of Value-Based Care

Rooted in Passion, Compassion and Experience

It all started with a dream to bring our values based services that embraced advocacy and affirming approaches to supporting clients and their families to our local Kamloops community.  We wanted to give room for people to have the confidence to express their true selfs, the safety to untangle past hurts, and the support to find meaning in their lives.


We saw the need for a space where care goes beyond the basics, embracing a holistic and client-focused journey. That dream led us to create this clinic, a sanctuary where compassion and comprehensive support meet.  We continue to build this space to be responsive to the need that our valued clients bring to us and the courage they demonstrate in allowing us to be part of that journey.

We are honoured that we have been able to grow to include virtual services to clients across British Columbia.

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