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Couples Therapy

In Person in Kamloops and Online /Virtual Across BC

John Gottman has been studying and treating dissatisfied couples for decades. He advises that couples experiencing criticism, negative thoughts toward a partner, lack of intimacy,emotional or physical distance with their partner would benefit from couples therapy. Counselling can assist couples navigate addiction, adultery and abuse within the relationship. 

Being happy in a relationship takes work, patience, empathy, kindness and communication.  Most couples come together with a commitment to spend their life together.  Relationships are complex and sometimes things go wrong.  There are so many things that can put a strain on relationships.  At times, our ability to communicate through those challenges is uneasy.  The kind and compassionate ear of a trained professional can help pave the way to repair the hurts and refresh the relationship. Now is the time to put your relationship first.  

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