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Welcome to a Neurodivergent Social Group for Youth

Welcome to KamCon Visitors.  TherapyWorks is an agency in town that provides counselling to individuals, couples and families.  We also provide services to neurodivergent youth & adults.  You get to experience the outcome of one of our group programs.  

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During the Spring, we had a small group of 11-14 year old youth participate in an escape room building group therapy program.  The program is designed to allow youth to engage socially in an area of their interest, work collaboratively together on projects, contribute their ideas, and develop executive functioning skills (EF).  The executive functioning skills that we focus on in the program include planning, organizing and initiating, self regulation, sequencing and working memory, and concentration and attention.  

The group program uses a framework to provide the level of support that each member needs to successfully complete tasks.  The escape room you see today was conceptualized by this group and the execution was supported by the TherapyWorks team facilitating the group. 


Translating this escape room to a new space for KamCon took a lot of creative liberty with the original design.  Please keep in mind the spirit of the escape room experience to get the most out of puzzles that you could easily bypass.  

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Our recent trip to an Escape Room

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Escape Room Event May 28th


Families and Friends of group members are invited to select a spot to attend the event

Group Activities and Sneak Peeks

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