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TherapyWorks provides a wide range of services to adults, children and youth with mental health, relationship, developmental, learning, and behavioural needs.  ​

Services are provided by our individual and family based care team of Counsellors, Art Therapist, Youth Development Workers, Social Workers, Tutors and Life Skills Workers. 

TherapyWorks is excited to offer a range of creative and engaging therapeutic programs for our clients, including Therapeutic Theatrics and ImprovAble programs, Escape!, Dungeons & Dragons group campaigns, tutoring, life skills and social skills training, counselling, art therapy and behavioural consultation and support services.

Our services are covered by a variety of third party funders, including First Nations Health Authority, some insurance companies, and Autism Funding for tutoring, counselling, behavioural consultation, behavioural intervention (both stronglly with a non-ABA lens), group therapy, Counselling supports through AFU can be accessed for services for the Autistic child as well as their parents and siblings.  


Meet Our Team
Serving Kamloops in person and virtually across BC

TherapyWorks Neurodiversity Services and Counselling Associates offers an interprofessional team.  The team can work colloboratively with you and with each other to wrap comprehensive services to address the issues that bring you to therapy. 




I trained as a Clinical Social Worker, after a career as an Occupational Therapist working with pediatric, neurology, older adult and mental health clients.  I have an extensive background in trauma informed practice. 


I started TherapyWorks after a search for services for a family member.  I wanted services that did not align with behavioural analysis approaches (ABA) and recognized my family member's strengths, abundant personality and unique and creative ways of learning.  What I was looking for for him I was able to support for others.  I believe in a family based practice, where clients can feel comfortable involving their important support people in their therapy process, but still have all the confidentiality they need to heal and move forward.  TherapyWorks has grown over the years, and we now include a number of clinicians and support staff who provide assistance for a broad range of therapy and counselling needs.


I am integrative in my approaches to therapy, so I draw on a broad range of therapy tools.  These include sensory and somatic based approaches, EMDR, relational counselling, family therapy, play based therapy and expressive therapies.  I work with clients of all ages, but I always say "teens are my jam" and quirky and nerdy teens hold a special place in my heart. This translates well to supporting adults who have received diagnoses of neurodiversity later in life.  We can work through exploring identity with this new lens and a new understanding.

I am a neurodivergent therapist and business owner and strongly neurodiversity, disability, sexuality and gender affirming in my practice.


In my free time I love travel, camping, spending time with family, and decorating cakes and cookies.  Therapy isn't all hard work and fun and laughter need to be part of the process.  If that's also important to you, we'll probably be a great fit. 

When you reach out to TherapyWorks to find a clinician to support you, chances are you will connect with me first.  I look forward to helping you find your future path forward and helping you create a belief in yourself that brings you strength, a positive and affirming self identity, peace from negative past experiences, and confidence to reach your potential.

Team Members

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team includes a diverse range of clinicians and support staff.  We are ready to support you in person in Kamloops or virtually across BC.

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