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TherapyWorks Mental Health Clinic and More!

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Welcome To Therapyworks

What We Do

We live in a culture that promotes the idea of being strong and capable, and weathering any storm.  There is little room for accepting differences or for demonstrating vulnerability and being our authentic, sometimes messy, selves. 

So many of us learn that we should just get over things, not make a fuss.  When need to operate in the world in a manner that is not the same as others, this can lead to thoughts of "what's wrong with me?", "why can't I just do this?", "why can't I manage this situation myself?"

TherapyWorks is a commitment, a passion, a calling.  We strive to support individuals and families to reach for potential, maximize strengths, and advocate for communities to support them in leading fulfilling lives, achieving mental and emotional well-being, and achieving self acceptance.  

TherapyWorks offers a multidisciplinary team of professionals and support staff to help you or someone you care about.  In our work we will explore what it is you are struggling with in your work, play, school, and relationships.


Our services include individual, family and couples counselling (in person in Kamloops or virtual), Occupational Therapy services, group therapy programs, specialized educational support services and tutoring, and youth development supports and therapy services.

You've gotten to this point.  Reaching out is sometimes a hard next step to take.  We really encourage you to get in touch and see if our services are a good fit. 

What We Offer

TherapyWorks Offer following Services.
Therapy session
Couples Therapy

In Person in our Kamloops Office

Virtual Services

Group Therapy

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