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What We Do




Individual and family counselling services for adults, children and youth.  Services can  support your child's growth and ability to develop their strengths to overcome their challenges.  Family counselling services will aide you in maintaining a high level of family functioning while learning how to support your family's diverse needs.
Counselling services for adults include individual, couple and family counselling services.

Individual services to you, your child, and your community.  Services include behavioural and clinical consultation, individual and family therapy, and support, consultation to educators, assessment and intervention services, and parent/ caregiver and educator training.

Social Skills

Individual and group programs to support the development of social communication skills.  Programs are evidence based and build on your child's strengths.  Unique social skills programs include Therapeutic Theatrics, ImprovAble, and play facilitation. 


Tutoring services are provided by experienced tutors and can be offered in your child's familiar environment to support learning success and reduce transitions.  Learning strategies are designed to align with your child's preferred learning styles.  Assistance is provided to ensure the environment supports learning, even after the session is complete.    

Life Skills

Individualized training to support independence in daily living skills, and planning and organizational activities.

 Our clients receive training to shop for and prepare meals, use public transportation, manage money, organize and plan outings, in preparation for more independent living and greater community integration.    

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