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Youth Development Facilitator
Join our interprofessional team in supporting the needs of youth with support needs.  The Youth Development Facilitator (YDF) works with children and youth in a supportive role to address goals that they and their caregivers have identified.  The YDF works independently and develops activities that are interesting and motivating for their clients. The YDF serves an informal role as mentor to the youth in their care. The YDF supports therapists during some group therapy programs such as the Escape! group, Improvable and Therapeutic Theatrics and Cosplay programs.
Youth Development Facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds including Child and Youth Development, Social Work, Psychology, and yes, even Theatre. Experience with neurodiverse youth is an asset, but flexibility, engagement, playfulness, creativity and situational problem solving are key skills for this role.
This is a contract position beginning at 4-10 hours per week with potential for growth, particularly during the school year.
Benefits: flexible work schedule, collaborative education, consultation with clinicians/ therapists. 

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