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Join our interprofessional team in working with youth with various support needs.  The Youth Development Facilitator (YDF) works with children and youth in a supportive role to address goals that they and their caregivers have identified.  The YDF works independently and develops activities that are interesting and motivating for their clients. The YDF serves an informal role as mentor to the youth in their care. The YDF supports therapists during some group therapy programs such as the Escape! group, Improvable and Therapeutic Theatrics and social engagement programs.

Additionally, the YDF supports learners who have barriers to academic success.  They often help clients with planning and organizing, as well as figuring out their learning style and strengths.

Youth Development Facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds including Education, Child and Youth Development, Social Work, Psychology, and yes, even Theatre. Experience with neurodiverse youth is an asset, but flexibility, engagement, playfulness, creativity and situational problem solving are key skills for this role.

This is an independent contract position of approximately 20-25 hours per week with potential for growth, particularly during the school year.

Benefits: flexible work schedule, collaborative education, consultation with clinicians/ therapists. 


TherapyWorks Neurodiversity Services and Counselling Associates is seeking an experienced, Master’s prepared, Kamloops based Counsellor for our growing practice with neurodiverse adults, children, youth and their families, as well as general mental health clients (trauma, relationship concerns, workplace stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, loss, parenting concerns, life transitions, etc).


The ideal candidate would be comfortable providing services to both children and adults. Candidates should have a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, Psychology, Child and Youth Mental Health, Counselling, or a directly related discipline. Registration as a Registered Clinical Counsellor is required, as is professional liability insurance and a vulnerable sector criminal record check.


This is a part time, independent contract position, 10-20 hours a week to start, with the potential for further growth. As a contract position, you are free to set your own hours, but the majority of referrals are for afternoons, evenings, and weekends.


TherapyWorks is a neurodiversity and LGBTQI2S+ affirming agency. Previous experience with neurodiverse individuals is advantageous, but clinicians aligned with modern or traditional ABA practices need not apply.

Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity. or text 778-220-7707.

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