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Individual and family counselling services for adults, children and youth. Services can support your child's growth and ability to develop their strengths to overcome their challenges. Family counselling services will aide you in maintaining a high level of family functioning while learning how to support your family's diverse needs. Counselling services for adults include individual, couple and family counselling services.


While TherapyWorks has a primary focus on supporting the needs of Neurodivergent individuals and families, you will find our counsellors have a wide range of experience supporting all individuals with depression, anxiety, sexuality and gender diversity, trauma, relationship challenges, addictions, psychiatric disorders, parenting challenges, school refusal, mutism, and more.  If you have a concern not listed here, reach out and we can discuss your needs and process for therapy. 


Developmental Services

Individual services to you, your child, and your community.  Services include behavioural and clinical consultation, individual and family therapy, and support, consultation to educators, assessment and intervention services, and parent/ caregiver and educator training.

As a neurodiversity affirming organization, we do not use Applied Behavioural Analysis approaches (ABA) but work with you and your family to find meaning in behaviour, develop mutual relationships, and understand unique nervous systems.  


Life Skills and Executive Functioning Supports

Do you or a love one struggle with planning, organizing, initiation or motivation?  Do you have  executive functioning problems that interfere with your ability to complete daily tasks or succeed at school or in your career? Individualized training is offered to support independence in daily living skills, and planning and organizational activities.
Our clients receive training to shop for and prepare meals, use public transportation, manage money, organize and plan outings, in preparation for more independent living and greater community integration.    

Those who are maintaining a high level of function in one or more areas of their life, but struggling in others, can benefit from executive function coaching to achieve personal and career success.



Tutoring services are provided by experienced tutors and can be offered in your child's familiar environment to support learning success and reduce transitions.  Learning strategies are designed to align with your child's preferred learning styles.  Assistance is provided to ensure the environment supports learning, even after the session is complete.    Our tutors are not always content experts, but they can facilitate more effective approaches to school work and learning and identify routines and strategies to better engage reluctant or anxious learners.


Social Engagement

Individual and group programs to support social opportunities while participating in engaging and preferred activities with others with similar interests. Programs are evidence based and build on your child's strengths. Unique social programs include Therapeutic Theatrics, ImprovAble, Escape Room Building, Hangouts, Dungeons & Dragons, Hero Makers, and play facilitation. 

Virtual Services

Video, Text and Email Counselling Services

We are pleased to offer a secure, private video-conferencing platform for virtual therapy sessions.  

Some clinicians have the ability to offer counselling or educational support and tutoring services virtually to you, no matter where you are located in Canada.  

Some children and adults find that they can communicate more clearly and with less anxiety when texting or emailing.  TherapyWorks is pleased to offer this service to increase the accessibility of counselling services to meet the needs of those who need a novel approach to meet their needs.

Texting/ email sessions can also be used to supplement in person services.

Alternative Counselling

The TherapyWorks team prides itself on being creative and responsive to the needs of adults, youth and families in how they prefer to receive services.  In home, community, office based, "car therapy", "walk and talk" therapies and counselling will continue to be offered.  Virtual, online counselling services can provide an option for families who find these in person services to be challenging.  This is also a great option for families maintaining social distance or those outside of our service area.

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