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Online Counselling

Virtual / Online Counselling, Educational Support and Neurodivergent Consultation available across British Columbia

Video, Text and Email Counselling Services

We are pleased to offer a secure, private video-conferencing platform for virtual therapy sessions.  

Some clinicians have the ability to offer counselling or educational support and tutoring services virtually to you, no matter where you are located in Canada.  

Benefits of Online Therapy

Some children and adults find that they can communicate more clearly and with less anxiety when texting or emailing.  TherapyWorks is pleased to offer this service to increase the accessibility of counselling services to meet the needs of those who need a novel approach to meet their needs.

Texting/ email sessions can also be used to supplement in person services.

Alternative counselling

The TherapyWorks team prides itself on being creative and responsive to the needs of adults, youth and families in how they prefer to receive services.  In home, community, office based, "car therapy", "walk and talk" therapies and counselling will continue to be offered. 


Speak with an Online Therapist in Canada

Virtual, online counselling services can provide an option for families who find these in person services to be challenging.  This is also a great option for families maintaining social distance or those outside of our service area.

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